College Counseling

Guiding through the college process can be both a rewarding and stressful time.  However, the satisfaction of successfully completing this process and selecting the correct university are immense.

College Counseling Services is a comprehensive package designed to individually assist students with their college process.  Students will identify personal interests and goals while defining a desired college experience.

Curriculum includes assistance in the following areas:

  • Assess personal interests and skills
  • Develop a criteria list for a college search
  • Explore potential majors and careers
  • Determine eligibility for different levels of selectivity
  • Evaluations of student's academic record & GPA, and recommendations for college selectivity levels
  • College Search
  • The College List
  • Create an admissions calendar for visits, essays and things to do
  • Consultation for high school course selection
  • Evaluation of summer programs and extracurricular activities
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